Vertical Green Walls

Urban Jungle provides the best idea for gardening in a small space: go vertical! Not only do vertical gardens look amazing, they also naturally purify the air by decreasing CO2 concentrations. These gardens-on-a-wall are irrigated and fertilized automatically so they are easy to maintain on any wall. The vertical garden can be implemented indoor or outdoor, in any environment. Plant selection is set by the existing climatic conditions.

We can design a vertical garden for you according to your individual space and environment using the Greenwalls, LLC, Ascend technology; a modular system made of molded polypropylene plastic that can be customized to cover a portion of or an entire wall in your home or office.  A PDF showing detailed specifications for this patented system can be viewed by using the following link: Green Wall Specs

How The Greenwalls, LLC system works:

Urban Jungle is a certified supplier, grower, designer and installer of the Greenwalls, llc Ascend Modular System and Components.  Since the system is injection molded, the product designer was able to engineer certain key features into the system that cannot be achieved by other systems that use flat metal trays.  The number one concern of green wall product design is preventing soil erosion.  The designers of the Ascend module made sure to incorporate an up-angle feature that gives the soil just enough erosion resistance to ensure zero erosion..

Additionally, we cap the opening with another injection molded cover that further assists in eliminating any possibility of erosion.  The vented cover allows for plenty of oxygen transmission and keeps the soil in place.  Urban Jungle has continued to perfect the system by adding a ground up, hydrophilic soil additive that helps to promote vigorous plant growth. 

After testing several different green wall systems over a 4 year period, Urban Jungle came to the conclusion that the Ascend system is, bar none, the best system on the market.  The framework for this system encases the irrigation tubing, which allows the module to be installed and removed very easily without having to ever worry about interfering with the irrigation system.   This interchangeability enables Urban Jungle to quickly modify the look of any installed green wall by simply rearranging the existing modules to create a completely new look. This can be done with the modules that are in place or we can bring in new modules to create a completely different look in only a few hours.

Urban Jungle has also done exhaustive plants research to ensure that the most suitable and resilient plants are being planted in the modules.  We also pre-grow a large number of modules to make sure that they are going to survive the early weeks of adaptation to the module.  Interior walls can be planted with mostly tropical plants and some sedum plants, depending on the sunlight conditions.  Exterior wall plants include a wide array of perennial evergreen plants that ensure an elegant, robust appearance. 

The final key to ensuring success is the in-line fertilizer injection system that is installed with all of our green wall projects. You will see a Dositron injection system below that allows the irrigation to automatically add a very small amount of liquid organic fertilizer on a continuous basis.  We've found that this provides that best results for green walls. Since there is no way to ever manually fertilize the green wall, the injection system has solved one of the more important challenges for green wall technology. 


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